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Children and Young People


At St George’s we believe that children are a vital part of our community of faith and are always welcome.


The first Sunday of the month is a more relaxed family service and we have a well equipped children's corner.





Primary school – We work closely with PSALMS. This stands for Painswick and Stroud Local Area Ministries and is an initiative that is supported by St George’s and our partners at Christ Church. Together we provide the resources to employ a Sports Minister  to work through sport with the children and young people of Nailsworth.


Together we run a Basketball Club at Nailsworth Primary School on

Thursday  for y4/y6 after school.


We also run Club Pulsar - a Christian club meeting each Monday lunchtime  in Nailsworth Primary School.  We welcome children from years 4- 6 for a fun look at Bible stories with games, crafts, drama and any other bright ideas we can find to make these stories come alive.


The sessions are completely free and children are welcome to join us at any time during the term. If you would like more details please contact  Karen Wheeler from St Georges on 01453 839304.


More information on the work of PSALMS can be found at


In addition we go into the school on a regular basis to lead Collective Worship and run Open the Book. Open the Book is a nationwide scheme to present Bible stories from both the Old and New Testament in ways that are lively engaging and informative. Each dramatised session is about 10 minutes long and is part of the collective worship in schools.


We have two ecumenical teams which present ‘Open the Book’ in Horsley school on Tuesdays and in Nailsworth school on Fridays. Some of us belong to both teams and some concentrate their efforts on one school.


Our aim is to enable every child in our schools to hear the story of the Bible in their primary years, thus opening their eyes, hearts and minds to discover all the wonder and wisdom that the Bible can offer.


The bonus is we love doing it and, best of all, the children really enjoy it!


You can find out more about this scheme at

Holiday Clubs are another feature of our lives with one held in the spring half-term and one in the early part of the Summer Holidays. We usually use material from Scripture Union and hold the clubs at Nailsworth Primary School.


We also run 'Experience' events for the Primary School around the major festivals.

Secondary School – We are now running a Youth Club called Club Pulse, again using Nailsworth Primary School as a base. This is on a Thursday evening from 5.00 until 6.00pm in the School Hall.


There is an annual Adventure Club held at TRAC near Newent. This is an area wide camp for secondary age pupils from local schools run by PSALMS at a local activity centre and includes raft building, pedalos, go-karts and host of other activities as well as evening Club Time with music, dance and quiet time.

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